Project Description

Colorado Projects

Our staff has completed multiple projects across Colorado. Habitat types in this region include natural pine forests, spruce-fir forests, rangeland, meadows, and shrubland. Recent projects that we have completed work on are located in central Colorado and dominated by natural sagebrush shrubland and juniper-pinyon woodlands. The properties are adjacent to or in close proximity to the Colorado River and Eagle River, popular spots for anglers, and in close proximity to known eagle and osprey nesting sites! The intent for the future of these properties is to maintain the natural habitats to protect and conserve their conservation values. Other recent projects across Colorado include working ranches with grazed rangeland, as well as irrigated croplands. These projects have been located in the South Platte Basin and White-Yampa Basin. Other fieldwork that our staff has conducted in Colorado has been focused on the variety of habitats scattered across the state.

*Note: All photos were taken by MTM Environmental, LLC staff.