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Top NAICS Codes: 541620 – Environmental Consulting Services, 541990 – Support Services, 115310– Support Activities for Forestry.

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*Note: We cannot guarantee that there will not be an audit of the conservation easement, or that the conservation easement donation will qualify for a federal tax deduction and/or state tax credits. We will offer the best professional advice available to ensure the conservation easement and accompanying documents are accurate and in compliance with federal, state and local laws and best management practices.

** Note this is not a substitution for review of an appraisal report by another qualified appraiser, nor is this a guarantee of the accuracy of the valuation determined by the appraiser(s). We are not appraisers qualified to determine the value of a conservation easement but we do have extensive experience reviewing conservation easement appraisal reports and IRS Form 8283 for consistency with the conservation easement documents.