Project Description

North Carolina Projects

Our staff completed a project on a rolling tract in the Piedmont ecoregion of North Carolina. This property is comprised of managed pine stands, oak and mixed hardwood/pine forests, mesic mixed hardwood forests, small inland floodplain/riparian forests, open areas, and early successional areas. During the site visits to the property, numerous bird species were seen or heard, including American crow, blue jay, Carolina chickadee, Carolina wren, eastern wood-pewee, eastern phoebe, northern cardinal, white-breasted nuthatch, white-eyed vireo, pileated woodpecker, red-bellied woodpecker, and mourning dove. Several physical signs of mammal species were observed, including tracks and scat from bobcat, coyote, white-tailed deer, eastern gray squirrel, raccoon, and Virginia opossum. Shiner minnows and an eastern box turtle were also observed in and around the creek located on the property. The general stated intent for the future of the property is to continue to manage, protect, and maintain habitat for wildlife, including game and non-game species, provide personal recreational opportunities, and to protect water quality for the larger Broad River Basin.

*Note: All photos were taken by MTM Environmental, LLC staff.