Project Description

Texas Projects

Our staff completed fieldwork and report preparation for multiple Baseline Documentation Reports in the Texas Panhandle, within the High Plains Ecoregion. Management of these properties is primarily focused on maintaining their natural habitats and their assets through appropriate management and stewardship to protect and conserve the properties conservation values. The tracts were comprised of primarily Western Great Plains Shortgrass Prairie and open areas. A number of the properties contain a playa, a seasonal depressional wetland that serves as a recharge area for the important Ogallala Aquifer and is essential for waterfowl during their yearly migration along the Central Flyway of North America. Prairies are one of the most threatened ecosystems in North America and subsequently, prairie bird populations are experiencing some of the most significant population declines. The intent for the future of the Property is to maintain the native shortgrass prairies and playas, providing for the wildlife that depends upon these habitats.

*Note: All photos were taken by MTM Environmental, LLC staff.