Project Description

Louisiana Projects

The work our staff completed in Louisiana included an interesting tract in the heart of crawfish/rice country in southwest Louisiana. This property is primarily comprised of cropland, specifically used for rice and crawfish production, but also contains a small pocket of mixed hardwoods and pines. Wood storks, roseate spoonbills, white ibis, blue herons, and many other wading birds are frequently observed in the ponds and trees. The environmental conditions under which rice is grown produce excellent biodiversity and provide habitat for a multitude of species, but most especially, for avian species. Nearly half of the 155 waterfowl species worldwide directly or indirectly rely on rice production areas, with some species exhibiting a heavy reliance throughout their life cycle and others using them only temporarily. The co-production of crawfish in many rice fields following rice harvest in Louisiana only enhances the region’s environmental quality.

*Note: All photos were taken by MTM Environmental, LLC staff.